Turquoise Gemstone

Though there are many different kinds of gemstones, turquoise is one of the most beautiful and most popular. The turquoise gemstone is as versatile as it is beautiful. Read on to learn more about this gemstone.

Turquoise gemstone squash blossom

The squash blossom necklace features beautiful turquoise gemstones.

Today, turquoise gemstones are used primarily in Southwestern jewelry. They are often found in beautiful, complex inlay settings and other silver pieces. One of the most famous types of turquoise jewelry is the squash blossom necklace, in which turquoise gemstones are set in the shape of a squash’s blossom. Jewelry is the most common use of turquoise gemstones, though many other items can feature turquoise gemstone accents, including belt buckles, clocks, pens, hats, purses and more. These items add a distinctive flair to any outfit.

What is a Turquoise Gemstone?

Turquoise is an opaque blue or green stone that is a chemical compound of phosphorous, copper and aluminum. The turquoise gemstone is actually an incredibly soft, matte, textured gem which, if handled incorrectly, can easily get scratched or cracked. Turquoise gemstone jewelry is a popular trend these days because of its beautiful color. Turquoise gemstones’ colors are considered gorgeous, subtle and playful. In general, gemstones such as turquoise are a beautiful accent to any outfit, and gemstone jewelry can be treasured for generations.

The versatility of turquoise gemstones makes them a very special and attractive gemstone. Rare white, purple and blue turquoise gemstone beads are sometimes available, though buyers should be aware that these are not always natural and are often dyed by dealers to make the color more intense. Natural turquoise gemstones generally range from sky blue through various shades of green to green-gray and yellowish gray. A good rule of thumb in evaluating the price of a turquoise jewelry piece (or specimen) is to examine the intensity and quality of color, as well as that hard-to-describe quality of life and vibrancy in the stone.

The rich and vast history of turquoise gemstone makes it a very special and more attractive gemstone. If you’re looking into purchasing a piece of jewelry, keep turquoise in mind!

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